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masharawi film fund

for films and filmmakers in Gaza

Let’s support Gaza to tell the story

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Building Bridges

The fund envisions empowering Gaza filmmakers through financial support and training, enabling them to convey their stories through cinema. It also aims to help filmmakers to express their narratives, emotions, and dreams, building bridges with diverse communities around the world.


The Masharawi Fund strives to foster the growth of cinema, contributing to resilience and creativity while crafting a narrative that transcends borders and resonates globally, spotlighting the burgeoning artistic vitality in the heart of Gaza.

Believing in the profound impact of images and films on the portrayal of life and experiences that shape the representation of people, the fund provides an opportunity for Gazans to share their stories from within, ensuring that their daily lives, dreams, and experiences are presented to the world.


submission is possible all year round for all types of grants

You can apply using the form on the website. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. If not, please contact us by e-mail 


fund collaboration

The fund collaborates with international, Arab, and Palestinian film institutions and individuals, fostering cultural exchange and sharing expertise across all stages and facets of filmmaking.

Masharawi Fund aim

Established by Gaza-native Palestinian filmmaker Rashid Masharawi, the Masharawi Fund aims to be a pivotal force, providing a platform for local filmmakers and artists to articulate and share their aspirations and dreams with the global community.

financial support & training

The fund is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of young and talented individuals by offering financial support and training across various areas of the filmmaking art and industry.

Let's bring back the light through the art of cinema